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Name Description Map Units
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c The BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c map was constructed using Mapdisto v. 2.0 (Lorieux, 2012), assuming an RI model and using the "create groups" command both with and without anchor markers. cM
Stampede_x_RedHawk_F2_a A mapping population of 267 F2 plants from the cross of common bean varieties Stampede and Red Hawk developed by Dr. Phil McClean at North Dakota State University. cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_b A 75-member F8 mapping population derived from the cross of BAT93 with JALO EEP558 was used to produce a core linkage map for common bean. The total length of the map is 1226 cM and it is composed of 11 linkage groups. The total of 563 mapped marker loci includes 120 RFLPs, 430 RAPDs, and additional isozyme and phenotypic markers. However, no more than 240 marker loci were chosen as framework markers to present in Figure 1 with the publication Freyre, Skroch et al., 1998a. cM
PvMcCleanNDSU2007 A Phaseolus vulgaris genetic map. cM
PvCookUCDavis2009 A Phaseolus vulgaris genetic map. cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a The genetic map was produced using a 157-member population of BC2F3:5 lines. It contains a total of 84 markers; these include 80 microsatellite, 1 SCAR, 2 morphological (flower color and determinacy of growth habit), and 1 phaseolin markers. All the markers are single-copy, i.e., amplify only one locus each. The map comprises all 11 common bean linkage groups; the average size of a linkage group is 79.0 cM and the average number of markers per linkage group is 7.6. The map exhibits a total genetic distance of 869.5 cM and an average marker spacing of 10.4 cM. cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a A mapping population of 113 RILs in the F5:7 generation was generated using a DOR364 by BAT477 cross. The 186 markers comprising the genetic map were amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLP: 22 markers), random amplified polymorphic DNA markers (RAPD: 104), and simple sequence repeats (SSR: 60). The map covers all 11 linkage groups of the common bean genome, has a total map length of 1087.5 cM, and shows an average distance between markers of 5.9 cM. Linkage groups were identified by comparisons to the integrated genetic map for common bean based on microsatellites shown in Blair, Pedraza et al. (2003a) (DOR364_x_G19833). Gaps for the genetic map exist on linkage groups b03, b09 and b11 but overall there are only nine gaps larger than 15 cM. cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a The genetic linkage map includes 175 AFLP, 27 microsatellite, 30 SCAR, 33 ISSR, and 12 RAPD markers. The map also contains 13 loci coding for seed proteins, and four traditional genes (Fin/fin for growth habit, Asp/asp for seed coat shininess, P/p for seed color, and I/i for resistance to bean common mosaic virus). Therefore the map comprises a total of 294 markers, its total length is 1042 cM, and the average marker distance is 3.53 cM. The map consists of 14 linkage groups that were correlated with the 11 linkage groups of the integrated linkage map of Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) by using anchor markers included in previously published bean maps. The linkage groups B02, B03, and B04 of the Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) consensus map each correspond to a pair of linkage groups in the Perez-Vega, Paneda et al. (2010a) map. cM
G2333_x_G19839_a The G2333_x_G19839_a genetic map contains all 11 common bean linkage groups. It has a total length of 1175 cM and 149 mapped total markers (four of these markers generated two loci each). The map contains 79 microsatellite, 57 RAPD, 8 SCAR, and 3 STS markers; there is also a marker for the seed protein phaseolin (Phs) and a morphological marker for flower color (V). The average length of a linkage group is 106.81 cM and the average number of markers per linkage group is 13.5. The average distance between marker loci across all linkage groups is 7.89 cM. The G2333_x_G19839_a map could be aligned with the common bean integrated map of Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) based on positions of shared SSR markers (see also Blair, Pedraza et al., 2003a). The map description comes from Ochoa, Blair et al. (2006a) where this population was originally presented. However, the lengths of individual linkage groups were taken from Figure 2 in Checa and Blair (2008a) in which a more complete version of this genetic map was available with reported linkage group sizes. cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a The BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a map presented by Caldas and Blair (2009a) is similar to but not identical with the BAT93_x_JALOEEP558 maps displayed in Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) and Blair, Pedraza et al. (2003a). The maps differ in the lengths of linkage groups and in marker composition. cM
DOR364_x_G19833_b The DOR364_x_G19833_b map presented by Caldas and Blair (2009a) is similar to but not identical with the DOR364_x_G19833_a map used for the publications Yan, Liao et al. (2004a), Beebe, Rojas-Pierce et al. (2006a) and Lopez-Marin, Rao et al. (2009a). The two maps differ in the lengths of linkage groups and in marker composition. cM
PvConsensus_GaleanoFernandez2011_a This common bean consensus map was created using the DB (DOR364_x_BAT477, Mesoamerican intra-gene pool cross), DG (DOR364_x_G19833, inter-gene pool cross), and BJ (BAT93_x_JALOEEP558, inter-gene pool cross) mapping populations. The consensus map contains a total of 1010 markers; these include 446 SNP, 392 SSR, 99 RAPD, 45 RFLP, 22 AFLP, 5 STS, and one phenotypic marker. The total size of the map is 2041 cM, there are 11 linkage groups, and the average size of a linkage group is 185 cM (range is between 131 cM for Pv10 to 276 cM for Pv02). There is an average of 91 markers per linkage group (range is between 151 on Pv02 to 67 on Pv09), 83% of which markers appear as single copies, and the average inter-marker distance is 2 cM. The numbers of anchor markers shared between the component populations are 98, 87, 14, and 4 markers for the DG-DB, DG-BJ, DB-BJ, and DG-BJ-DB population sets, respectively. cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a The description of the DOR364_x_G19833_a genetic map is derived mainly from Beebe, Rojas-Pierce et al. (2006a). However, we created a map set for DOR364_x_G19833_a containing all 11 linkage groups using information from three different publications (Yan, Liao et al., 2004a; Beebe, Rojas-Pierce et al., 2006a; and Lopez-Marin, Rao et al., 2009a). The map is 1703 cM in total length, includes all eleven common bean linkage groups, and exhibits an average distance between markers of 7.2 cM. The map contains a total of 236 markers; these include 50 RFLP, 24 AFLP, 32 microsatellite, 6 SCAR, and 124 RAPD markers. Common anchor markers (RFLP and microsatellite) were used to connect the map to the Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) bean consensus map and to define its linkage groups. cM
S_x_RH-F5a NULL cM
S_x_RH-F2a NULL cM