Map NameBAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a
Publication Map NameBxJ (BAT93_x_JALOEEP558)
Map UnitscM
Map viewnone
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationBAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a
Parent 1BAT93
Parent 2JALO EEP558
Population Size72
Population TypeF8:11 RIL
DescriptionThe BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a map presented by Caldas and Blair (2009a) is similar to but not identical with the BAT93_x_JALOEEP558 maps displayed in Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) and Blair, Pedraza et al. (2003a). The maps differ in the lengths of linkage groups and in marker composition.
Map Features
This map contains 5 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a-B04none0 cM94.35 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a-B06none0 cM74.79 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a-B07none0 cM67.82 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a-B08none0 cM104.23 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_a-B10none0 cM79.23 cM
2009Caldas and Blair, 2009a