Map NameBAT93_x_JALOEEP558_b
Publication Map NameBAT93_x_JALOEEP558 core linkage map
Map UnitscM
Map viewCMap
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationBAT93_x_JALOEEP558_b
Parent 1BAT93
Parent 2JALO EEP558
Population Size75
Population TypeF8
MethodsMapMaker Macintosh (v. 2.0)
DescriptionA 75-member F8 mapping population derived from the cross of BAT93 with JALO EEP558 was used to produce a core linkage map for common bean. The total length of the map is 1226 cM and it is composed of 11 linkage groups. The total of 563 mapped marker loci includes 120 RFLPs, 430 RAPDs, and additional isozyme and phenotypic markers. However, no more than 240 marker loci were chosen as framework markers to present in Figure 1 with the publication Freyre, Skroch et al., 1998a.
CommentCorrespondences and colinear orientations were established between the BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_b core linkage map and three earlier common bean RFLP-based genetic maps; the F2 BAT93_x_JALOEEP558 University of California-Davis map (Nodari, Tsai et al., 1993b; Gepts, Nodari et al., 1993a), the BC1 map developed using Ms8EO2 and the recurrent parent Corel at the University of Paris-Orsay (Adam-Blondon, Sevignac et al., 1994a), and the XR-235-1-1_x_(XR-235-1-1_x_Calima) University of Florida BC1 map (Vallejos, Sakiyama et al., 1992a). The combination of these common bean maps resulted in knowledge of the locations of a total of 470 RFLP, 570 RAPD, and 40 biochemical and/or morphological markers. The F8 recombinant inbred (RI) population used to create the BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_b map was derived from the F2 population used to create the BAT93_x_JALOEEP558 University of California-Davis map. A subset of 72 out of the 75 RI lines were used to map the RAPD loci on the BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_b map.
1998Freyre R, Skroch PW, Geffroy V, Adam-Blondon AF, Shirmohamadali A, Johnson WC, Llaca V, Nodari RO, Pereira PA, Tsai SM, Tohme J, Dron M, Nienhuis J, Vallejos CE, Gepts P. (1998). Towards an Integrated Linkage Map of Common Bean. 4. Development of a Core Linkage Map and Alignment of RFLP Maps. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 97:5-6 847-856