Map NameBAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c
Publication Map Name
Map UnitscM
Map viewCMap
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationunknown
Parent 1unknown
Parent 2unknown
Population Size
Population Type
MethodsMapdisto v. 2.0
DescriptionThe BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c map was constructed using Mapdisto v. 2.0 (Lorieux, 2012), assuming an RI model and using the "create groups" command both with and without anchor markers.
Map Features
This map contains 12 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG01CMap0 cM145.5 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG02CMap0 cM140.6 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG03CMap0 cM114.4 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG04CMap0 cM77 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG05CMap0 cM82.8 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG06CMap0 cM83.7 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG07CMap0 cM116.5 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG08CMap0 cM124.2 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG09CMap0 cM43.3 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG10CMap0 cM72.2 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-phavu.ChrLG11CMap0 cM77.4 cM
BAT93_x_JALOEEP558_c-unmappednone0 cM0 cM
submittedMatthew W. Blair, Andres J. Cortes, Andrew D. Farmer, Wei Huang, Teshale Assefa, R. Varma Penmetsa, Steven B. Cannon. (submitted). Uneven recombination and linkage disequilibrium across a reference SNP map for common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). NULL. NULL:NULL NULL