Map NameCerinza_x_G24404_a
Publication Map NameCerinza_x_G24404
Map UnitscM
Map viewnone
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationCerinza_x_G24404_a
Parent 1Cerinza
Parent 2G24404
Population Size157
Population TypeBC2F3:5
MethodsMapMaker EXP (v. 3.0)
DescriptionThe genetic map was produced using a 157-member population of BC2F3:5 lines. It contains a total of 84 markers; these include 80 microsatellite, 1 SCAR, 2 morphological (flower color and determinacy of growth habit), and 1 phaseolin markers. All the markers are single-copy, i.e., amplify only one locus each. The map comprises all 11 common bean linkage groups; the average size of a linkage group is 79.0 cM and the average number of markers per linkage group is 7.6. The map exhibits a total genetic distance of 869.5 cM and an average marker spacing of 10.4 cM.
CommentAll crosses and seed increases were carried out in Popayan, Colombia. Initially, a cross was made between a Colombian commercial cultivar, ICA Cerinza (pollen parent), and a wild common bean accession, G24404 (maternal parent). The authors shortened the name of ICA Cerinza to simply Cerinza for use in the paper. The first and second backcrosses were made between the recurrent genotype Cerinza (maternal parent) and the six Cerinza_x_G24404 simple hybrids and 130 BC1F1 plants, respectively. The BC2F1 seed was advanced to the BC2F3 generation by single seed descent; a single plant selection was advanced through bulk harvesting for two generations to a BC2F3:5 population of 157 introgressed lines.
Map Features
This map contains 11 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B01none0 cM33.9 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B02none0 cM118.8 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B03none0 cM112.4 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B04none0 cM103.8 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B05none0 cM63.9 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B06none0 cM71.5 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B07none0 cM86.5 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B08none0 cM18.2 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B09none0 cM129.9 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B10none0 cM48.6 cM
Cerinza_x_G24404_a-B11none0 cM82.2 cM
2006Blair, Iriarte et al., 2006a