Map NameDOR364_x_BAT477_a
Publication Map NameDOR364_x_BAT477
Map UnitscM
Map viewnone
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationunknown
Parent 1unknown
Parent 2unknown
Population Size113
Population TypeF5:7 RIL
MethodsMapMaker (v. 3.0)
DescriptionA mapping population of 113 RILs in the F5:7 generation was generated using a DOR364 by BAT477 cross. The 186 markers comprising the genetic map were amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLP: 22 markers), random amplified polymorphic DNA markers (RAPD: 104), and simple sequence repeats (SSR: 60). The map covers all 11 linkage groups of the common bean genome, has a total map length of 1087.5 cM, and shows an average distance between markers of 5.9 cM. Linkage groups were identified by comparisons to the integrated genetic map for common bean based on microsatellites shown in Blair, Pedraza et al. (2003a) (DOR364_x_G19833). Gaps for the genetic map exist on linkage groups b03, b09 and b11 but overall there are only nine gaps larger than 15 cM.
CommentAfter an initial F1 hybrid was created by a cross between DOR364 and BAT477, the RIL population was derived by single seed descent from the F2 up to the F5 generation. Two generations of seed increase then followed to form an F5:7 population.
Map Features
This map contains 11 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B01none0 cM73.3 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B02none0 cM159.9 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B03none0 cM95.6 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B04none0 cM194.8 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B05none0 cM72.6 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B06none0 cM76.2 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B07none0 cM90.8 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B08none0 cM112.8 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B09none0 cM36.8 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B10none0 cM145.4 cM
DOR364_x_BAT477_a-B11none0 cM29.3 cM
2012Blair, Galeano et al., 2012a