Map NameDOR364_x_G19833_a
Publication Map NameDOR364_x_G19833
Map UnitscM
Map viewnone
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationDOR364_x_G19833_a
Parent 1DOR364
Parent 2G19833
Population SizeNA
Population TypeRIL
DescriptionThe description of the DOR364_x_G19833_a genetic map is derived mainly from Beebe, Rojas-Pierce et al. (2006a). However, we created a map set for DOR364_x_G19833_a containing all 11 linkage groups using information from three different publications (Yan, Liao et al., 2004a; Beebe, Rojas-Pierce et al., 2006a; and Lopez-Marin, Rao et al., 2009a). The map is 1703 cM in total length, includes all eleven common bean linkage groups, and exhibits an average distance between markers of 7.2 cM. The map contains a total of 236 markers; these include 50 RFLP, 24 AFLP, 32 microsatellite, 6 SCAR, and 124 RAPD markers. Common anchor markers (RFLP and microsatellite) were used to connect the map to the Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) bean consensus map and to define its linkage groups.
Map Features
This map contains 11 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B01none0 cM200.46 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B02none0 cM156.31 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B03none0 cM194.45 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B04none0 cM130.35 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B05none0 cM182.39 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B06none0 cM162.41 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B07none0 cM169.91 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B08none0 cM110.75 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B09none0 cM198.62 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B10none0 cM154.39 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_a-B11none0 cM168.73 cM
2004Yan, Liao et al., 2004a
2006Quantitative Trait Loci for Root Architecture Traits Correlated with Phosphorus Acquisition in Common Bean
2009Lopez-Marin, Rao et al., 2009a