Map NameDOR364_x_G19833_b
Publication Map NameDxG (DOR364_x_G19833)
Map UnitscM
Map viewnone
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationDOR364_x_G19833_b
Parent 1DOR364
Parent 2G19833
Population Size87
Population TypeF9:11 RIL
DescriptionThe DOR364_x_G19833_b map presented by Caldas and Blair (2009a) is similar to but not identical with the DOR364_x_G19833_a map used for the publications Yan, Liao et al. (2004a), Beebe, Rojas-Pierce et al. (2006a) and Lopez-Marin, Rao et al. (2009a). The two maps differ in the lengths of linkage groups and in marker composition.
Map Features
This map contains 7 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
DOR364_x_G19833_b-B03none0 cM153.91 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_b-B04none0 cM152.18 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_b-B06none0 cM173.04 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_b-B07none0 cM116.09 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_b-B08none0 cM117.7 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_b-B09none0 cM145.38 cM
DOR364_x_G19833_b-B10none0 cM128.08 cM
2009Caldas and Blair, 2009a