Map NameG2333_x_G19839_a
Publication Map NameGxG (G2333_x_G19839)
Map UnitscM
Map viewnone
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationG2333_x_G19839_a
Parent 1G2333
Parent 2G19839
Population Size84
Population TypeF5:8 RIL
MethodsMapMaker EXP (v. 3.0)
DescriptionThe G2333_x_G19839_a genetic map contains all 11 common bean linkage groups. It has a total length of 1175 cM and 149 mapped total markers (four of these markers generated two loci each). The map contains 79 microsatellite, 57 RAPD, 8 SCAR, and 3 STS markers; there is also a marker for the seed protein phaseolin (Phs) and a morphological marker for flower color (V). The average length of a linkage group is 106.81 cM and the average number of markers per linkage group is 13.5. The average distance between marker loci across all linkage groups is 7.89 cM. The G2333_x_G19839_a map could be aligned with the common bean integrated map of Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) based on positions of shared SSR markers (see also Blair, Pedraza et al., 2003a). The map description comes from Ochoa, Blair et al. (2006a) where this population was originally presented. However, the lengths of individual linkage groups were taken from Figure 2 in Checa and Blair (2008a) in which a more complete version of this genetic map was available with reported linkage group sizes.
Map Features
This map contains 11 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
G2333_x_G19839_a-B01none0 cM64.3 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B02none0 cM125.8 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B03none0 cM140.4 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B04none0 cM112.7 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B05none0 cM74.1 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B06none0 cM109.8 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B07none0 cM126.3 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B08none0 cM126.1 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B09none0 cM79.4 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B10none0 cM105 cM
G2333_x_G19839_a-B11none0 cM111.1 cM