Map NamePvConsensus_GaleanoFernandez2011_a
Publication Map NameCommon Bean Consensus Map
Map UnitscM
Map viewCMap
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationunknown
Parent 1unknown
Parent 2unknown
Population SizeNA
Population TypeNA
DescriptionThis common bean consensus map was created using the DB (DOR364_x_BAT477, Mesoamerican intra-gene pool cross), DG (DOR364_x_G19833, inter-gene pool cross), and BJ (BAT93_x_JALOEEP558, inter-gene pool cross) mapping populations. The consensus map contains a total of 1010 markers; these include 446 SNP, 392 SSR, 99 RAPD, 45 RFLP, 22 AFLP, 5 STS, and one phenotypic marker. The total size of the map is 2041 cM, there are 11 linkage groups, and the average size of a linkage group is 185 cM (range is between 131 cM for Pv10 to 276 cM for Pv02). There is an average of 91 markers per linkage group (range is between 151 on Pv02 to 67 on Pv09), 83% of which markers appear as single copies, and the average inter-marker distance is 2 cM. The numbers of anchor markers shared between the component populations are 98, 87, 14, and 4 markers for the DG-DB, DG-BJ, DB-BJ, and DG-BJ-DB population sets, respectively.
CommentThe authors (Galeano, Fernandez et al., 2011a) first saturated the original linkage map developed for the DOR364_x_BAT477 population (Blair, Galeano et al., 2012a) with SSR, SNP, and gene-based markers by selecting a subset of 92 out of the original 113 F5:7 recombinant inbred lines. This enhanced DOR364_x_BAT477 map includes 291 markers and has a total map length of 1,788 cM, but marker saturation is still low and marker order non-optimal because of the low polymorphism rate between the parents. The two other more-saturated populations used to build the consensus map are the 87 RIL member DOR364_x_G19833 (developed by the CIAT Bean Project., e.g. see Cordoba, Chavarro et al., 2010a and Cordoba, Chavarro et al., 2010b) and the 79 RIL member BAT93_x_JALOEEP558 (map information reported by Hougaard, Madsen et al., 2008a and McConnell, Mamidi et al., 2010a). The DOR364_x_G19833 map contains 499 single copy markers (31 RFLP, 141 SNP, 322 SSR, and 5 STS), is 2306 cM in total length, has an average linkage group size of 209 cM, and exhibits an average inter-marker distance of 4.6 cM. The BAT93_x_JALOEEP558 map contains 424 markers (21 SSR, 20 RFLP, 381 SNP, 1 RAPD, and 1 phenotypic marker), is 1991 cM in total length, has an average linkage group size of 180.9 cM, and exhibits an average inter-marker distance of 4.6 cM.
2011Galeano CH, Fernandez AC, Franco-Herrera N, Cichy KA, McClean PE, Vanderleyden J, Blair MW. (2011). Saturation of an Intra-Gene Pool Linkage Map: Towards a Unified Consensus Linkage Map for Fine Mapping and Synteny Analysis in Common Bean. PLOS ONE. 6:12 E28135