Map NameXana_x_Cornell49242_a
Publication Map NameXana_x_Cornell49242
Map UnitscM
Map viewnone
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationXana_x_Cornell49242_a
Parent 1Xana
Parent 2Cornell 49242
Population Size104
Population TypeF7 RIL
MethodsJoinMap (v. 3.0)
DescriptionThe genetic linkage map includes 175 AFLP, 27 microsatellite, 30 SCAR, 33 ISSR, and 12 RAPD markers. The map also contains 13 loci coding for seed proteins, and four traditional genes (Fin/fin for growth habit, Asp/asp for seed coat shininess, P/p for seed color, and I/i for resistance to bean common mosaic virus). Therefore the map comprises a total of 294 markers, its total length is 1042 cM, and the average marker distance is 3.53 cM. The map consists of 14 linkage groups that were correlated with the 11 linkage groups of the integrated linkage map of Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) by using anchor markers included in previously published bean maps. The linkage groups B02, B03, and B04 of the Freyre, Skroch et al. (1998a) consensus map each correspond to a pair of linkage groups in the Perez-Vega, Paneda et al. (2010a) map.
Map Features
This map contains 14 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B01none0 cM72.94 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B02.Anone0 cM45.3 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B02.Bnone0 cM73.82 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B03.Anone0 cM40.88 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B03.Bnone0 cM87.65 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B04.Anone0 cM22.06 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B04.Bnone0 cM103.82 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B05none0 cM69.41 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B06none0 cM117.94 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B07none0 cM90.59 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B08none0 cM99.12 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B09none0 cM91.77 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B10none0 cM47.94 cM
Xana_x_Cornell49242_a-B11none0 cM95.29 cM
2010Perez-Vega, Paneda et al., 2010a