Legume Germplasm Resources at LIS

GRIN Connect:

Search for germplasm at USDA GRIN (NPGS) database via LIS:
Use this utility if you want to search the entire USDA GRIN germplasm database from within LIS. You will be able to see and search the GRIN website within a LIS page with a GRIN accession number. You can also check, if it exists, the evaluation data for the germplasm accession from the 'Detailed Accession Observation Page' link in the GRIN webpage.

Trait Evaluation Data:

Search for germplasm evaluation data at LIS:
Germplasm evaluation data (for common crop traits or descriptors) for the following legumes are available via LIS from GRIN. The evaluation data sets have been downloaded from the GRIN website and are served here by LIS.

Geographic Distribution of Legume Germplasm:

Locate germplasm accessions in a map.
Legume germplasm accessions can be located on a map using a Geographical Information System (GIS) utility . You can search the distribution of germplasm accessions in a given geographic area, can map multiple species or restrict it to a single legume taxon, look at the accession details and evaluation data if available, and overlay trait evaluation data on the map.