Summary of Expression Data at LIS

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Number of datasets at LIS (all species): 4
OrganismAcc No.Mapped toTitleDescription
Cajanus cajancajca1cajca.ICPL87119.gnm1.ann1Pigeonpea gene expression atlas from germination to senescence in genotype Asha(ICPL87119)Pigeonpea expression atlas: A gene expression atlas of Cajanus cajan has been developed in this study using 30 samples from Asha genotype (ICPL 87119), representing different developmental stages from germination to senescence. This dataset at LIS uses reads mapped to the ICPL87119 pigeonpea reference genome ICPL87119.gnm1.ann1.
Cicer arietinum_ICC4958cicar1cicar.ICC4958.gnm2.ann1Chickpea flower development gene expression atlas (ICC4958 Deshi cultivar type)Chickpea flower development atlas: Gene expression during flower development was studied in chickpea, Deshi cultivar type ICC4958, using 11 tissue samples at various stages of flower development. For comparison, the samples include 2 vegetative stages. This dataset at LIS uses reads mapped to the ICC4958 chickpea reference genome cicar.ICC4958.gnm2.ann1.
Phaseolus vulgarisphavu1phavu.G19833.gnm1.ann1An RNA-Seq based gene expression atlas of the common bean cv. Negro jamapaBean expression atlas Negro jamapa: Phaseolus vulgaris expression atlas in cv. Negro jamapa profiled in different tissues and at different developmental stages . Only 15 samples (from a total of 24 samples in this study) have been presented here as an Expression Atlas dataset. These 15 samples have been treated with NO3 fertilizer and haven't been inoculated with Rhizobia. The samples with effective and ineffective Rhizobia treatment have NOT been considered at all for this atlas data set. This dataset at LIS uses reads mapped to the reference genome phavu.G19833.gnm1.ann1.
Vigna unguiculatavigun1vigun.IT97K-499-35.gnm1.ann1Cowpea gene expression atlas from reference genotype IT97K-499-35.Cowpea expression atlas: The black-eyed pea reference genotype,IT97K-499-35 has been used to generate a gene expression atlas of the major plant tissues (leaf, root, stem, flower, pod and seed), with a developmental time series for pods and seeds. This includes 27 samples including replications for some.